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For JukeBox Music, the bottom line is PROFESSIONAL when it comes to DJ gear.

Visit the Equipment Photo Gallery to view equipment configurations used for various JukeBox Music events.

We use only professional-grade software, sound and lighting equipment, featuring:
  • Virtual DJ Software
  • Rane & Gemini mixers
  • Gemini & Numark Dual CD Players  
  • Gemini & TELEX Wireless Microphones
  • Shure PG57 & PG58 Wired Microphones
  • QSC Power Light and Mackie Amplifiers
  • Intelligent Dance Lighting
  • Martin Monogram Lights
  • Ambience/Theatre Lighting
  • Furman Power Conditioners
  • Peavey Full Range Loudspeakers
  • Mackie Full Range Powered Speakers and Powered Sub-woofers
  • QSC Full Range Powered Speakers
  • Yamaha and Madison Sub-woofers  

Our packages include MP3 plus CD backup in either:

1) powered speaker & MP3 setups or
2) all-digital, bi-amped sound systems.

Both configurations are complemented by an optional self-contained pin spot and intelligent light setup (multi-colored beams that move to the music). The lights are recommended for evening engagements - adding ooomph! to your partying! Wireless and lapel microphones are also included, and of course all equipment is backed up.

Another common situation in mansion-type settings, hotels with separate foyers or outdoor settings with unique layouts is the need for a 'satellite speaker' or secondary sound system -usually smaller- to provide cocktail hour music or a simulcast of announcements and events taking place in the main room. We are happy to tailor a system(s) that is specially designed for this purpose: they are a very affordable add-on that can really make a difference in the smooth presentation of your event. JukeBox Music can assist in evaluating your venue and making recommendations in this area.   Please don't hesitate to ask if you think your event may require this kind of service.

Lastly, we feature multiple 'boxes' that are designed to handle various venue sizes - what does this mean? JukeBox Music will always bring the right system for your venue.

Additionally, JukeBox Music offers Karaoke systems, photo montage services, theatrical ambience lighting and monogram lighting (to display names, initials, etc. on a wall or dance floor) for an additional fee. These “extras” will add your signature touch to your big day!

Our commitment to quality is our commitment to you.